Printer cartridges are the most expensive items in any office home. Being diligent about printing expenses does not begin and end with buying the best printers for homes. Actually, it’s the cheaper printer models you choose that cost you more on ink in the long run. If you are not mindful about your ink usage, printing gets expensive fast.

Knowing how to manage your printer is an important step to consider. That will help you save a significant amount of your money. No wonder you should always exercise caution when visiting a photo printer Singaporeshop. Be sure to check out these helpful tips to keep your home printing costs low.

Print in Draft Mode

Printers come with different modes designed to manage the speed and the quality of your prints out. Each mode uses different amounts of ink as well. When printing worksheets for reading, note, taking, or editing, you don’t need premium print resolutions. Draft mode is designed to produce prints quickly using the least amount of ink.

Either way, it’s not recommended for printing resumes, but for assignments. If you can’t find the draft mode, you can adjust your printer some other way. Selecting this printing mode will help you save a significant amount of your money.

Reduce Document Size

Most people consider the documents they print to be big and static. But the reality is that there is a lot of space available on each page especially for word documents. When you are editing your work or printing out reading material, a couple of simple things can double the amount of information you put on each page.

The easiest trick for word documents is to use smaller margins and line spacing. This trick will put more words on each page which means fewer pages per print out. Consider this as it is an excellent way to make the most out of your printing.

The Bottom Line

Home printing doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make it cheap yourself by following the tips above. These simple suggestions are designed to get more out of your paper and ink. They will not only help you to drastically reduce the amount of resources you spend, but also lessen the amount of resources you use making your carbon footprint smaller. Keep in mind it all starts with buying the best printers for homes.