Flooring is the process of installing the floor covering of any finished material over the floor to acquire a smooth walking surface. Materials used for flooring are carpets, tiles, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, etc. The flooring materials chosen by looking into necessary factors such as cost, noise insulation, comfort, cleaning, durability, etc.


Made in europe vinyl floors is the most widely used synthetic flooring material which is easy to afford, easy to install and has high rate of durability. It is waterproof, stain and scratch resistant and is used for commercial purposes. It comes in white, black, brown, grey, reddish brown and beige colours. Different flooring patterns are applied in different rooms with variety of colours, styles and quality. In restrooms and kitchens, this flooring is convenient to clean up and is highly resistant. In gyms, these floorings can be installed easily which can prevent skidding and slipping. It can also opted in garages in order to avoid cracks and floor damage.


Types of Vinyl floorings includes:


  1. Sheet Vinyl: It is available in rolls which covers large places with easy maintenance and durability.


  1. Luxury Tiles Vinyl: Mostly found in the form of stone and wood. It is installed over existing floors.


  1. Glue Vinyl Plank: It is opted in residences and offices where it is installed by applying glue which is highly durable.


  1. Peel and Stick Vinyl: It can be placed perfectly by own self. All you have to do is to peel and stick it on any limited areas, as simple as that!


  1. Grout able Tile Vinyl: If you are avoiding stone flooring then it is the best choice. You just have to stick the tiles and apply mortar which is considered economical.


  1. Luxury Vinyl Plank: This resembles wood or ply flooring and the process of installation is very simple.

Installing a flooring is very simple. It is uniformly laid on concrete with installation machines by contractors.

It feels comfortable, economical, noise proof, durable which are the advantages of theses floorings on the other hand, it gets damage due to high temperature, heavy loads and floor scraping.

Vinyl is one of the economical flooring type adopted in Singapore with high resistance and durability around 10-20 years. You can choose the best and reliable floorings. All you can do is check websites, compare the prices, styles and textures and make an ideal decision for your home or offices.


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