It is evident that MBAs are on a drastic rise worldwide. And this is understandable if the numerous benefits they have to offer are anything to go by. The problem, however, sets in when it comes to choosing the perfect one. Considering it’s an investment you are making, you should never make a decision blindly as it might end up working against you in the future.

Fortunately, there are so many factors you need to prioritize the moment you start creating a shortlist. To help you get started, here are two things you need to consider before choosing and Executive MBA program.

Schedule of Your EMBA Program

If you’ve done your homework, then you already know that Executive MBAs tend to vary in their lengths and schedules offered. Considering you have no intention of studying full-time, you should examine the different program schedules and choose one that can be completed easily while still working. Ensure the EMBA program you settle on has a schedule that can be accommodated with your work and family life. Regardless of the option you choose to go with, schedule is an important consideration that must never be ignored.

Total Costs of the Program

Before making the final decision, you need to find out more regarding executive MBA in Singapore fees. Things should not stop there since you must also consider the return on investment (ROI) when choosing your Executive MBA program. The good news is most EMBA programs allow you to recoup in a couple of years after graduating.

Nevertheless, ensure the money you plan to part with is going to be worth it. To pull this off successfully, you should determine what the total costs is vs. what you will gain from the program. Be sure to figure out how long it might take you to recoup all the money spent on your Executive MBA. It is only then that you stand the chance of making a well-informed decision.


While choosing an Executive MBA, take time to closely examine the costs of the program, the courses it offers, and flexibility of the schedule to mention a few. After all, you do not want to regret your decision way after paying executive MBA in Singapore fees. In short, the decision you make on your EMBA is entirely determined by your circumstances and career goals.


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