Whenever you start a business, the first thing to consider is the customers you are going to serve. This is because the customers will determine whether your business is destined to succeed or fail. Any slight mistake that you make can end up leading to huge losses which could have been avoided. It is for this reason that you need to come up with best marketing technique aimed at reaching out to your customers. Fortunately, you can put up a perfect marketing campaign as long as you have a phone, printer and internet connection. With these in place, you can come up with your own marketing technique that will work perfectly. Here are some of the strategies you can consider trying out.

  • Posters

One of the easiest ways in which you can reach out to the customer base is by making use of posters. This method of advertising has proven beneficial to businesses such as malls and supermarkets since they can get to advertise their products and services. Posters can either be a hit or a miss.  To reach a wider customer base, you should make the posters as attractive and visible as possible if you are to capture the attention of visitors. Remember to highlight the areas you are good at as it will play a key role when it comes to attracting prospects.

  • Social Media

With advancement in technology, it has now become easier for people to interact with one another regardless of their current location. All this is possible thanks to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Businesses seem to have realized the importance of social media and that is why they are using them in marketing their products or services. All it takes is for you to post what you are selling and the customers can get this information once they open their social media platforms. This method is cost effective since you will reach out to a wider audience within a short time without investing heavily.

  • Flyers

Flyers are the best form of advertising for startups especially when you are already running on a low budget. The good thing about flyers is you can distribute them in an area where you want to attract prospects. You must however remember to use a flyer that is brief and straight to the point if you are to capture the attention of potential customers. To make the flyer more appealing, you can offer discounts, coupons or a free appraisal as it will go a long way in convincing the customers.

There are quite a number of marketing techniques to go with as a startup. However, you should consider the target audience and your budget before relying on any of the options available. Do not choose a marketing strategy simply because your competitor is using it. Instead, go with one that perfectly suites the products or services you are offering in order to take your business a notch higher hassle free.


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