Transit-oriented development (TOD) aims to offer a mix of housing, development, employment, and recreation all within a walking distance of each other. To ensure everything works efficiently, there is a train station at the center of it all. This action goes a long way in promoting a healthy lifestyle while at the same producing a vibrant community.

No wonder transit-oriented development could bring with it a number of benefits. But do you have an idea of the numerous benefits that TOD has to offer. If not, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Keep reading to find out more.

Affordable Housing

Transit oriented development goes a long way in making sure there is affordable housing for all citizens.  With this comes a relief in the state of congestion in both towns and cities whereas communities become even more welcoming. If this is not enough, affordable and higher density housing can eventually help to prevent sprawl. This is just what each country needs to create a thriving community. No wonder many countries not only in Asia, but all around the world seem to be prioritizing transit-oriented development.

Healthier Option

It is without a doubt that poorly planned urban expansion is increasingly distancing many people from jobs, services, and the numerous opportunities that make it easy for them to live a high-qualitylife in cities. That’s where transit-oriented developmentcomes in handy since stores, restaurants and other recreational facilities are all within walking distance.

As long as a country prioritizes non-automobile infrastructure that is convenient and safe for residents, they can easily move around the development without having to worry about anything. Since the transit-oriented development model focuses on dense, compact, mixed-use neighborhoods, residents will definitely get the freedom the need to foster growth.

The Bottom Line

It is with no denying that transit-oriented development plays a vital role in the development of a nation. Considering railroad stations are integral to transit oriented development, it is essential that rail service be made reliable, efficient, and comfortable. The good news is that Asian cities are already investing in the construction of roads and quality mass public transportation.

Unfortunately, government budgets tend to be insufficient to support the large pipeline of projects. To find the perfect solution, most government are now turning to private capital as a supplementary and alternative source of funding to ensure they attain their goals.


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