We all use toothpaste twice a day. So it makes sense that our toothpaste should be one of the things that we look at first when we are making the switch to natural products. Have you ever looked at the label of your favourite toothpaste?

Ifyou’re looking at a supermarket brand, you are likely to find a list of syntheticantibacterial, detergents, chemical additives, and artificial flavours and sweeteners. However, eventoothpastesbrands marketed as natural’ or ‘organic’ may contain controversial ingredients like fluoride and carrageenan.

By definition natural toothpaste should only include natural ingredients,such as coconut oil or baking soda. Certain natural toothpaste may also include crushed cacao nibs to promote remineralization and bentonite clay, a clay a natural polishing agent which helps reduce oral acidity. While many over-the –counter toothpaste products claim to be natural or organic, some contain ingredients and additives people hope to avoid.

If you look at the ingredients of a typical tube of commercial toothpaste, you will see a laundry list of chemicals,detergents, additives and sweeteners. In an attempt to avoid some or all of these substances, some people either purchase natural toothpastes or make their own at home.

If you’ve felt like your pharmacy’s care aisle has seemingly exploded with natural toothpaste options over the past few years, you’re not imagining things. As the global toothpaste market is expected to grow, natural and organic options are a major rising trend in the industry.

In line with the global industry it’s only natural –no pun intended that you interest might be piqued by these trending options. If you want to switch to natural toothpaste, avoid ingredients such as sodium sulphate preservatives and artificial flavours.

In Conclusion

Many dentists have given their stamp of approval from the use of natural toothpaste. It whitens your teeth by removing surface stains while simultaneously cleaning the teeth and gums. While it doesn’t contain fluoride, it does have xylitol, which can provide cavity –fighting benefits.

It is worth noting that this option does contain SLS, which may not make it the best choice for those with especially sensitive teeth and gums. However it will have the foamy feeling typical of most toothpastes which many people may prefer.For those who have no idea about the best toothpaste to use, then you should consider checking out Parodontax today.