Having a bunion can be a very uncomfortable experience since some turn out to be painful to the extent they restrict even walking. And since we need to move from one place to another to do business or other important activities, it`s critical that we try to prevent such conditions from affecting us. Hence, it is a person`s responsibility to take care of their feet and wear shoes that are comfortable and allow your feet to be flexible.

The following guidelines can help you prevent the occurrence of bunions or manage them.

Wearing Proper Shoes

To prevent or manage bunions, you must wear the right footwear. So, you should consider shoes with fewer pressure points and have enough room for your feet. Such shoes will feel more comfortable and your feet will be more flexible. When buying bunion shoe, wear them to see if it fits well and move around to see if there is any discomfort.

Moreover, the shoes you acquire need to allow proper alignment and support for your feet when you wear them. Provided you use the right shoes, you can reduce the occurrence of bunions or prevent them from escalating further.

Weight and Care

Follow good health practices to ensure you are not over-weight since there will be less pressure applied to your feet when you walk. If you manage your weight properly, chances of developing bunions are greatly reduced; saving you from any discomforts they may cause. Visiting a nutritionist or a doctor can help you get proper advice on how to maintain the proper weight which lessens the pressure applied on your fit.

After a long day, your feet will be tired and probably ache. That’s why massaging and soaking them in warm water can help rejuvenate them. And when you finally get room to rest, prop your feet up and rest them as well.


Bunions are preventable and manageable by taking the proper measures. Actually, they don`t have to become a nuisance when you are out there attending to your activities. And it always better to prevent them from occurring by practicing the above guidelines. In cases where they become a complication, visit your medical practitioner to get the necessary help. It is then that you will no longer have to worry about the stress bunions bring, especially when going about with your daily activities.