Most Small-Middle-Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore are now adopting modern digital technology to drive growth. And there is nothing wrong with that as tech allows businesses to get done with everything within the shortest time possible. However, the problem sets in when it comes to attaining adequate funding for these projects.

To help solve this issue once and for all, the Singapore government is supporting SMEs though the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). Through the productivity upgrading and digitalization efforts, the Singapore government will help SMEs by subsidizing up to 80% of IT solutions and equipment costs. Even though any industry can register, there are a few things you ought to keep in mind. Read on to find out more.

What is PSG Grant?

PSG or Productivity Solutions Grant is a grant for Small-Medium Enterprises to help them run their businesses until they become established. This program is a collaboration between the Singapore government, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Enterprise Singapore. It will therefore come in handy SME owners improve their business operations without the hassle.

PSG Eligibility

One thing you ought to keep in mind is that the PSG program is open to all SMEs. Either way, there are several PSG eligibility requirements that companies must meet before registering their business. A company registered and domiciled in Singapore is eligible to receive a PSG grant. Furthermore, the company should at least have a 30% of the local shareholding. It is then that you can apply and use finances from this grant for purchasing digital solutions and equipment.

For you to have a smooth ride when filling the application form, it is highly recommended that you enlist help from a reputable PSG digital marketing vendor. This will mean taking the time to do your homework and look into the pre-approved price packages. It is then that you can tell whether or not they are worth your time and money.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, some of the things you need to know before applying for the PSG grant in Singapore. Be sure to do your homework and work with a reputable PSG vendor in Singapore for things to work in your favor. Fortunately, MediaOne Marketing is there to offer a helping hand. Visit their official website to read more about MediaOne PSG digital marketing packages.