A HVAC unit is undeniably one of the must have systems in your commercial building. This is because it provides clean air while at the same time creating a comfortable environment for your employees and clients. However, a commercial HVAC system accounts for the highest energy consumption in a building.

To avoid spending more of your business finances meeting utility bills, you need to balance the cooling and heating requirements. Even though it may feel like a tall order for any business owner, you can always make a few adjustments and improvements to your unit. Here are two tips to helps you save money with your commercial HVAC unit.

Set Temperature Zones

Let’s face it, not every room in your commercial building requires the same level of comfort. That’s why it is always a good idea to create zones in the building using designated thermostats. Through this action, you will never have to worry about dealing with wastage of energy on heating or cooling spaces with minimal use. Look for any unoccupied rooms in your commercial building and set them to remain warmer in summer and cooler in the winter.

Invest in Advanced Equipment

If you are relying on the same old commercial HVAC unit in your building, investing in a new model could do the trick. HVAC units tend to lose their efficiency with age and start using up more energy, not forgetting constant maintenance. Rather than turning a blind eye as a lot of money goes into fixing repairs, why not invest in a new commercial HVAC unit!

Even though the upfront costs seem relatively higher in the first place, rest assured it will save you on energy bills and replacement costs in the future. Keep in mind modern HVAC units are more energy efficient. Furthermore, they boast more advanced technology that improves their functionality.

As you can see, it is possible to save money with your commercial HVAC system as long as you employ the correct measures. So what are you waiting for before leveraging the above and other tips!