Business funding or grants is one way of supporting businesses. Singapore is not left out among countries that give their citizens business grants to grow their businesses. Through business funding, many businesses have bought tools and technologies they need for their business growth. While some grants are for business owners to buy what they need, others are for a specific purpose. In Singapore, the government gives local business owners a business grant known as Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). This productivity grant is for them to adopt digital marketing solutions that will give their business more sales, better visibility, and converting leads. Just like every other grant, certain requirements must be met.

First know about what is PSG grant? It is of utmost importance to know that this PSG grant 2021 covers more than 70 percent of all the fees you would have paid any of the approved digital marketing vendors before adopting and taking advantage of their digital services. Some of the common but valuable digital solutions offered by government-approved digital marketing companies include content creation, website design, and development, branding, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook ads, lead generation, and social media marketing. It is no doubt that through social media platforms, lots of businesses have gotten more customers and made more sales. So, taking advantage of this PSG funding should be your priority.

How to apply for the PSG Grant 

Go to the business portal grant from the MediaOne digital marketing agency website to register. Before submitting your details, take time and check the requirements for the PSG funding. If you have a Singapore work or employment permit, run your business in Singapore and meet other criteria on the website, you should go ahead and apply. Once your application is completed and successful, you can adopt the digital solutions mentioned above to your business from the MediaOne digital marketing agency. This is one of the digital marketing agencies approved by the government of Singapore where eligible PSG businesses can get digital services at a cheap price.


You need a business grant to scale up your business. With the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) offered by the Singapore government, you can adopt digital solutions such as Search Engine Optimization, branding, Facebook advertising, lead generation, and more from the MediaOne digital marketing agency. With these services, getting more business sales and customers are guaranteed.