Vlogging is considered among the first best steps to market your business using videos. According to several studies, Vloggers get about 66% more qualified leads and approx 54% brand awareness in Vlogging. But the question is if Vlogging is worth it in Singapore.

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging in Singapore is a form of marketing that consists of a video blog or video log entirely. The process of Vlogging involves creating videos of events, occasions, or of yourself, editing them properly, and then uploading them to different social media or video streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Vlogging involves some rules that you need to adhere to. The major rules have been mentioned below.

  • Collaborate with other Vloggers
  • Brand promotion
  • Focus on providing valuable content
  • Be consistent and honest towards your work
  • Set small yet realistic goals

Steps to do Vlogging in the right way

If you want to provide your audience with the best quality Vlogging experience, you need to follow certain steps. Below, we have mentioned some basic yet important steps on how you can create high-quality Vlogs and present them to your audience.

  1. Start with a high-quality Vlogging camera

Your video quality plays a very crucial role in deciding how much and how fast your audience is expected to grow. If you have a good Vlogging camera, you can create seamless videos from different clips. You also need to analyze how your audience is going to watch your Vlogs i.e. on which device.

In Singapore, studies show that most of the population prefers smartphones for watching shows, videos, or Vlogs to any other device. This simply reflects that your video quality must be of high quality and should be optimized according to smartphones.

  1. Choose a video streaming platform

After having a good quality camera, you need to select a good video streaming platform where you will be uploading your Vlogs. Currently, YouTube is the best video streaming in the world. Also, it is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. It means there are high chances for you to increase your video viewership.

  1. Film a Vlog and edit it properly

It is surely the most important part of this whole process. How you record your Vlog and edit it decides how much viewership you are going to get. While shooting a Vlog, focus on the camera, be amiable, try to interact with the audience, and never try to be perfect.

  1. Do YouTube SEO

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. It means it becomes easier to do YouTube SEO and gain much more viewership organically if you do the proper search engine optimization.

  1. Promote your Vlog

After all that, now it comes to promoting your Vlog channel. You can promote your Vlog on different social media platforms or by publishing sponsored content on your channel. Do  you want to learn Vlogging from the best then learn more how to do vlogging here.



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