Sintra private tour

Any person who has had the chance to tour Sintra will agree it is one of the most worthwhile day trips one can opt for on in all of Portugal. For those who have no clue, Sintra is a small town about an hour out of Lisbon’s center. To access Sintra, you can decide to take the train that runs daily, Uber or a taxi cab. Actually, the choice is all on you depending on the amount of money you are ready to splash.

Once in Sintra, there are numerous beautiful ways in which you can spend your day.  Never expect to do everything in a single day Sintra tour since the mainland is huge and stretches out hundreds of miles. That aside, here are some of the breathtaking things to do in Sintra, Portugal. Keep in mind it is a natural valley and hence you need to bring along comfortable walking shoes with a great grip.

  • Visit a Beach in Sintra

As you may already know moving deeper into Sintra will ultimately bring you to the coast of Portugal, which happens to hold some beautiful beaches. One of the most beautiful beach you can consider visiting is the famous Praia da Ursa. This does not come as a surprise since it still remains largely untouched by human life thanks to the inconceivable effort it takes to get to. Your Sintra tour should not stop here as there are many more beautiful Cliffside beaches along the coast. That is why you are always advised to hire a Sintra private tour guide to take you through the remarkable sites.

  • Relax in the Monserrate Palace’s Architecture

Many people do not know about the Monserrate Palace during their first visit in Sintra. This is mostly the case when you fancy tumbling grounds of the Quinta. Monserrate Palace is an old Portuguese summer home that was mainly meant for use by the royals. But what makes it a site worth checking out? Well, it has a fascinating architecture that holds strong influences from Indian, Arab and Anglo-Saxon cultures. The Monserrate Palace was officially made into a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990s.

  • Have Lunch in the Old Center of Sintra

After spending time visiting popular tourist attraction sites, you can have your lunch in the old center of Sintra. Remember, this is the town where you will arrive first when coming from Lisbon. Sintra is a hotspot for Michelin chefs thus explaining why the little town is filled with restaurants and cafes where visitors get to enjoy day-in-day-out.

The Bottom Line

To get good value for you money, it would be better to opt for Sintra tour by Ever since they first ventured into the industry, Tribos Montanhas has been able to build a name for themselves as one of the best private tours in Portugal. This is regardless of whether you are into predefined tours in Sintra or taylor-made tours.