The gargoyle gecko also known by its scientific name Rhacodactylus auriculatus is a reptile commonly found within the wild and can serve as one of the best pets for humans. Initially from New Caledonia, these remarkable creatures make a great companion. Since their colors vary from red, pink, brown, orange and yellow, they tend to be astonishingly beautiful to look at. If you are planning to get one, it would be better to factor in the time, cost not forgetting the effort required beforehand.

Luckily, it will not take long before you understand what is required of you to handle one. In fact, you can get every detail that you need by checking out popular sites such as Here you will get to know everything regarding the gargoyle gecko including taking good care of it. To give you a slight insight into what is expected; wild gargoyle geckos mostly scavenge on food supplies such as fruits and vegetation within their environment.

When having a gargoyle gecko as your pet, you can consider feeding it crickets, worms and flies. For you to maintain their health, try incorporating a wide range of foods into your pet gecko’s diet. Actually, you will always find powdered food options at pet stores be it online or offline. You should mix the powder in water to create a paste for the gecko to feed on.

As for the housing, a 10-gallon terrarium will work perfectly but it is always better to buy a 20-gallon terrarium that fits adults. Once gargoyle geckos are full grown, they will need a tall terrarium for hunting and exercising. Do not forget that male gargoyle geckos are very aggressive and hence they should never live together with other males. Instead, you can house a male gargoyle gecko with females.

Finally yet importantly is the temperature since they rely on external sources to stay regulated at all times.  For this reason, you need to make sure the terrarium has proper temperatures preferably 75-83 degrees. To keep track of the temperature, it would be better to invest in a digital thermometer. With a digital thermometer, you will definitely find it easy in making sure the temperature is not getting too cold or too hot. However, you should always leave one side unheated allowing the gargoyle gecko to cool down when it is too hot.

The Bottom Line

The secret of having gargoyle geckos as pets lies in understanding their requirements in terms of housing, temperature, food, water to mention a few. So make sure you carry out detailed research before you can finally visit a pet store. This will mean seeking the help of your friends and colleagues who happen to have gargoyle geckos as their favorite pet. Alternatively, you can make good use of the internet by checking out a site such as Remember, the measures you decide to put in place will go a long way in making sure your gargoyle gecko remains healthy and active.