It may be called the best smartwatch on the market, but the Apple watch has various drawbacks which could affect your buying decision. After many years of rumours and anticipation, the Apple watch is finally within the reach. Actually, pre-orders for apples smartwatch have started.

TheApple watch is the company’s first new product category in five years and with the starting price, one might ask if the investment is really prudent. Here are things you will need to know before buyingApple watches.

Positive Reviews Praise The User Experience And Screen

Based on the early reviews, it all depends on what you are looking for. First, the good news is that most mainstream reviews agree that the Apple watch is the best user experience of any smartwatch on the market today. However, there are questions you will have to ask yourself. The first one is which size display you want, 38mm, or 42mm.

You should also know that different watch sports boast different weight based on its materials. The lightest model, the 38mm sport watch paired with an aluminium band weighs just 25g. But even if you pick the right model for your wrist, you will want to brush up on some Apple watch facts before you decide to buy.

TooMany Alerts Can Feel Intrusive

TheApple watch was designed to send you notifications whenever you get a corporate email, twitter direct message, Facebook message, or even the next time you get a personal email. If you are a busy person who communicates constantly on your phone, this gets overwhelming fast.

While it’s possible to turn off notifications from entire apps, doing so defeats the purpose of owning a smartwatch. Moreover, the best way to reply to these notifications is via apples voice assistants.


Before buying an Apple watch, it’s important you keep the following things in mind. Make sure you be keen on these things so that you can get a reason to purchase one. It is in your best interest to invest in multiple Apple watch straps to ensure it blends perfectly with your outfit.