A high number of coffee lovers seem to be embracing pour over coffee. But with the growing popularity, there is much discussion about the best coffee to use. This is understandable considering it is the desire of every person to enjoy the best coffee liqueur. If you have no idea which coffee you should use with a pour over, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Read on and understand what it takes for you to brew the best pour over coffee.

Roast Profile

Simply because your friend or colleague would love to use the best Brazilian coffee for their pour over, it does notmean you should do the same. Remember, we all have different taste and preference and what is good for your friend might not suit you. To cut the long story short, it is always better to choose a light roast. Some might wonder why this is so?

Well, the pour over method works perfectly to highlight subtle aromas and flavor notes. By opting for a light roast, you’re certainly going to prepare the most authentic quality of coffee. You might choose to go dark or medium if you wish, but this method works better for subtle flavors. Always factor in the roast profile even when having the best Cuban coffee.

Grind Size

You might be making use of the best Colombian coffee but the size of your grounds can end up affecting the rate of extraction. Since pour over is an infusion method, the coffee and water are in contact for a shorter amount of time. This does not mean the same happens when having the best espresso machines under 1000 since pour over method does not last longer than espresso.

It is for this reason that you should ensure the coffee has enough surface area to extract the water filters through into the best coffee mugs. However, it does not have to be so much to the extent that they under-extract thus producing a bitter brew.

Final Thoughts

If you want to enjoy the best instant coffee, consider trying out the pour over method. Provided you use the best coffee, you’ll never regret your decision of using this method. In fact, you may end up buying the best thermos for coffee simply because you want to drink the pour over coffee from time to time.


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