Chronic pain can affect not only physical health but also emotional well-being. Constant discomfort can impact your mood, memory, relationships, and overall quality of life. A Chiropractor Brookfield WI, can help you find a pain management plan right for you. If you’re looking for a Brookfield Chiropractor, WI, consider contacting Ascent chiropractic for more information. When you work with a trusted, experienced professional, you’ll feel better quickly.

Types of treatment offered by Brookfield Chiropractor

During chiropractic care, doctors can utilize various techniques to address a patient’s condition. For example, chiropractors can break down tense muscles, scar tissue, and reduce pain using six stainless steel instruments. The Graston Technique is used by many health care professionals worldwide, including chiropractors and athletic trainers. It is safe, effective, and inexpensive. A chiropractor uses spinal manipulation to separate the different parts of the spine to make each part easier to move. In addition to treating back pain, this treatment can also help patients perform specific head movements, bend their waists, and avoid bending over.


Chiropractors can assess the spine and other body parts by using digital x-rays. However, most chiropractors use a combination of static spine palpation and movement palpation to assess the underlying problem and prescribe treatment. For example, if a patient is experiencing pain after an accident, a chiropractor can prescribe a specific chiropractic treatment plan to improve their overall health. Consider visiting the Ascent Chiropractic clinic if you’re looking for an affordable Chiropractor Milwaukee WI. It is open to patients of all ages, including pregnant women and children.

At Ascent Chiropractic, Sport, and Health, a multidisciplinary approach to musculoskeletal pain, the clinic has chiropractors specializing in sports medicine. The clinic uses certified chiropractors and specializes in sports chiropractic care. The clinic also offers massage therapy and physiotherapy. The doctors have years of experience in treating Back Pain Brookfield WI. Whether you have been injured in a car accident or are experiencing pain after an accident, chiropractic care can help.

The main goal of chiropractic care is to help the joints move correctly and increase the range of motion in the body. Misaligned joints can cause pressure on nerves and result in swelling and inflammation. Fortunately, chiropractors use techniques to bring joints back to their normal range of motion and relieve pain. Chiropractors have received advanced training in the field and have earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. So, it is essential to choose a chiropractor who knows how to work with joints and the human body.

Final Words

One such clinic is Ascent Chiropractic, a part of a larger chain. Its chiropractor uses gentle force and motions to free nerve interference without the risks associated with traditional chiropractic treatments. While this clinic does not provide the same treatment options as other clinics, it does accept insurance for its services. A physician will conduct a thorough examination at the clinic, and it is advisable to visit several different chiropractors to determine the best fit for you.