Fish oil contain Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These fatty acids are very crucial as they help in managing inflammation, promoting a healthy immune response and supporting brain function. And we can only get them from the foods we consume. Fatty acids are also recommended for pregnant women as it supports brain development of the unborn baby.

However, excessive consumption of omega-3 can quickly lack meaning when its not balanced out by omega-6 fatty acids.  But most people dismiss and even demoralize omega-6s which are commonly found in peanut, canola and sunflower oil. With that aside, lets dive into some benefits of fish oil supplements.

Brain Health

Omega-3s are essential for brain development and maintenance. And DHA is mainly important for cell membrane flexibility and function, as well as helps in releasing neurotransmitters. Keep in mind low omega-3 intake can be linked to conditions like attention deficit, autism, bipolar disorder among others.

Fish oil supplements can therefore benefit brain health for people with such conditions by possibly curbing inflammation in the brain. But the benefits are not limited to mental illness or cognitive decline only but also shows improvements in reaction time, mental fatigue and possible reductions in mild traumatic brain injury.


Fish oil omega-3s, the gut microbiota and the immune system are elements that can work together to modulate immunity and strengthen the gut lining. Inflammation can be one connecting factor between these three but fish oil omega-3s are also capable of increasing the species of SCFA-producing bacteria which include butyrate-producing bacteria.

Moreover, butyrate is well known for protecting the gut environment and modulating the enteric immune system. Because of this connection, fish oil supplementation can probably be useful for managing inflammatory bowel disease which is an inflammatory autoimmune condition.

Eye Health

Of course, omega-3 DHA is especially important for eye development during pregnancy. But they can also be beneficial in cases where one has eye disease issues. Although omega-3 and 6 are not a standalone treatment, it may definitely be useful for patients suffering from DES.

People with DES may actually benefit more from a supplement like Body Bio Balance Oil, which supplies both omega-6 and omega 3 fatty acids. But those with a specific deficiency of omega-3s and high intake of omega-6scan try out fish oil supplements as they supply out the omegap-3s. This, in turn, evens out the balance of nutrients.