Giant Dream Catcher

Have you ever come across a dreamcatcher hanging from a souvenir shop or a wind chime and wondered what it represents? If yes, then you have definitely come to the right place. For those who might not know, a dreamcatcher is a handmade tool made on willow on which a web is woven. Beads, charms or feathers are then attached to it in order to work perfectly. In fact, dream catchers have gained popularity in different parts of the world as a symbol of good luck. However, this handmade hoop was initially intended to serve as a shield against bad dreams.

History of the Dream Catcher

Quite a number of historians trace the use of dream catchers to the time of Native Americans, the Ojibwe Chippewa tribe to be precise. This tribe viewed the dream catcher as a symbol of the spider that was thought to provide comfort and protection for small babies and children. Parents used to hangit above the bed of babies thus chasing away bad dreams when one is sleeping. Native Americans believed bad dreams would beentwinedin the dream catcher. They would then burn in the morning sunlight leaving behind good dreams, which would then trickle down to a sleeping child.

In Native American tradition, the protective capabilities of dream catchers was associated with the Spider Woman. Grandmothers and mothers of the tribe created the dream catcherafter they expanded across other regions. They thought it would be hard for the Spider Woman to extend protection to every child. Currently, dream catchers are widely used all over the world. In fact, they are available in different types and forms. You can even get yourself a giant dream catcher with many people believing it has more to offer than a small one.

Uses of the Dream Catcher

In modern times, dream catchers have become a symbol of unity among Native American cultures. Many people refer to them as items of craft but their necessity has not changed. Some have even gone to the extent of hanging dream catchers in their vehicles as protection.Regardless of what you expect froma dream catcher, it is highly advisable that you receive it as a gift. All it takes is for you to purchase a dream catcher be it online or in a reliable physical souvenir shop.

The Bottom Line

Before purchasing a dream catcher, it is important to know more regarding the benefits that are set to come your way. Luckily, a number of websites provide every piece of information you need to know concerning a dream catcher. To make it even better, you can now make a purchase without necessarily having to move from your current location. This has been made possible thanks to the numerous online shops from where you can buy a dream catcher hassle-free. However, you need to make sure you are working with a reliable shop if you are to get good value for your money.